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    Take a look at the Garmin FR70. It's a non-gps model. I adore mine. User replaceable battery in the strap and watch (a 2032 - very common). You can pair it with a foot pod and, particularly if you calibrate it, it's very accurate. I actually have mine paired with a speed/cadence sensor too.

    I have a 310XT, but I use the FR70 much more. The FR60 is a similar watch (same features), but the band on the 70 is much better. The 60 pinched my wrist in a very odd and not good way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OakLeaf View Post
    With either MapMyRide or ridewithgps, both of them have an option to lock to roads. You don't need a subscription to map, and you don't need a paid subscription to save or download (although there are still issues with the .gpx files from MMR, and they've taken the "classic," working site down ).
    Ridewithgps will follow trails that exist on the maps if you choose the cycling option, which is nice. I prefer Ridewithgps for the greater speed in mapping over MapMyRide, the lack of ads for the free account, and just a more pleasing interface - at least to me.

    I've had a paid membership for both (not at the same time) that allows you to print routes to PDF and MapMyRide, for now, has a far more robust and usable printed map but Ridewithgps is working to close that gap (I currently have a paid account with RWG but still have my free account at MMR so I can reference my older routes. I don't have a GPS unit with which I can download/upload files and I do not see that changing.

    My HRM is the Polar FT60 and I like it quite a lot.
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    I use gmap-pedometer when my phone loses signal or battery strength to record how far I've walked. Maybe that could work for you.

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    After going through two Polars, I bought a Sigma many years ago. It's still working just fine. I use it for the gym. It is a basic HRM, gives you calories burned, etc., but no mapping.

    I have a Garmin Forerunning 310XT that is several years old. I recently had to replace the chest strap - even a new battery didn't make it read correctly. I like this Garmin because it's easy to use.
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