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    South Lake Tahoe vs Incline Vilage

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    Hi folks,

    Planning another trip, ah, the advantage of our time shares!

    Is it best to stay in South Lake Tahoe or Incline Village? We would like the convenience of being able to walk to restaurants and shops. The "Village" insinuates that this might have the more quaint atmosphere that we are looking for. Then again, South Lake Tahoe sounds like lake views.

    Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!!

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    As I recall, Incline Village is a little less crowded than South Lake. During the summer though, the whole damn place is a mobscene...
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    I always like S. Lake Tahoe but mainly because there is a great bike trail that takes you from one end to the other. Has great coffee shops and some cool places to eat. But - if you don't have a bike you would probably want to drive to them. It really depends on what you are looking for. S. Tahoe has a little more "action" while Incline Village may be quieter.

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    We're big fans of North Lake Tahoe, which would lean to Incline, and our house isn't far from there at all, but I have to admit I haven't spent any time in Incline Village. I don't know what's there. I have ridden my bike through around the lake, and it seemed mostly residential - very quiet. You should probably check and see what stores and restaurants are actually there. There has to be something to serve all those huge lovely homes, I just don't know what.

    So Lake is very busy with casinos and touristy stuff. Lots of shopping and restaurants. The north shore is much quieter.

    I assume you'd have a car? If so, you could always go down to S Lake and hang out. My personal preference would be to stay in Incline and explore from there. But if you want to be able to walk to stuff, you should probably check with the timeshare people and see what is actually there.

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