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Thread: Abs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLC1968 View Post

    Also, keep in mind that lean mass is more than just muscle. Part of the reason I weigh so much at my size is that I am heavy overall. I always have been. I have a HUGE head, very large lungs and heart (for my body size) and quite dense bones. So while that all goes toward lean mass, it's clearly not all muscle as I don't look like an Amazon warrior or anything. Accepting that I could be heavy but not fat was a pretty big pill to swallow as a teenager and it also contributed to my body image issues. Now I'm fine with it (and find it funny when I freak people out with how much I actually weigh) but back then, it was a huge source of embarrassment. I used to run screaming from guys who wanted to pick me up for fear they'd figure out how heavy I really was (no joke!). And when I was backpacking or canoeing and body weight mattered (our packs were a % of our body weight), I was mortified to admit that I was easily 20lbs heavier than any other girl my height.
    Funny how this sounds so much like me, huge head and all ! I am nearly the same size and weight too, don't know about my body fat % though.
    I was so embarrased about this as a teenager when almost all girl used to weight at least 20 pounds less than me. I get strange looks at the bike store when they adjust the suspension. And my younger cousin hurt his back when trying to pick me up last summer...

    A great article about how to train abs and how to make them visible: http://www.stumptuous.com/abdominal-training
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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan;632816
    A great article about how to train abs and how to make them visible: [url
    And from this article: "Grrls who put on fat through the midsection (and menopausal women whose fat deposition patterns have shifted to midsection) will have a hard time getting lean enough to see their abs"

    Uh, yep.

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