I've just got this 2XU trisuit that's got a fair amount of compression. The padding feels weirdly wide at my groin and the stitching feels like it's cutting into the flesh there. It also fits a little wrinkly around there like some parts of my butt and thighs are too small but other parts are too big. Don't know if that makes sense. Is it supposed to feel a little tight there? I get that this suit has compression but I'm a little worried that the size is wrong even though the rest of it fits perfectly. I've never worn a tri bottom with anything stiffer than a microfleece chamois so have no idea if it this is normal with 'regular' padded chamois.

And a little off topic but, yipee! First swim class on this Wednesday. First step in a looooong journey to doing an Ironman. *does happy dance*