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    Mar 2012

    Please help me make my men's bike look more girly ;)

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    I feel so neurotic. My hybrid was stolen so I started researching new hybrids which lead me to the Trek FX line. Then I came to realize that cause of my tall torso, their men's bikes fit me better. But I didn't feel like having the typical boring men's colors, so I bought a white and red FX 7.5.

    What is this...buyer's remorse? It's ridiculous (of me) but I look at it now and all I see is a large boy-child's bike (all that white and red and black) or else a police bike even. Waaaa! It's a long story (which may or may not have to do with my living with my 3 boys, their dad and a male cat!) but I just really want to neuter this puppy (er, okay that sounded terrible).

    So I'll include a picture of the bike - and please forgive my superficial tendencies (I know a lot of women could care less how masculine or feminine their bikes look) - and please tell me how you would make this bike look more like a WSD!!!

    Here are some ideas I have - please let me know if you have better ones or if any of these are particularly bad:

    - white fenders instead of black? I've found a pair of modern ones online. Sorta like how this Bianchi has white ones: http://www.bianchiusa.com/bikes/stra...li-acera-dama/

    - I found one white mountain rack only I don't know if it'll fit the bike (are most of them universal?):

    - Changing the handlebars to something a bit narrower as well as more upright and closer (I did that to my last hybrid and liked it a lot better than the flat mountain bars - comfy as the Treks' are compared to some).

    - Here's a good one - haha - how about a metal front basket powder-coated red?: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...A2TE9IQP68MWQU

    - A red and pink bell?

    Ok - that's all I got. Please humor me! Thanks!
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    pink water bottle cages & break cables. That would be a good start. Nice girly bell with a heart on it.

    I was passing by a fishing store the other day, and was looking at some of their overly sparkly fabulous lures in the window. IDK how much they cost, but if they're cheap enough I might go back and buy them for bar-end streamers for my mixte.

    OH I forgot, Soma makes pink fenders. Yeeeeesssssss

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    I have sparkly rhinestone jewels hanging off the back of my saddle. I don't think your bike looks particularly masculine,but stickers, colored waterbottles (and waterbottle cages) and even a saddle cover might help.
    White fenders aren't really girly. Streamers???
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    replace the saddle with red and white colored one?

    I think your bike is very nice, with fenders and all. Maybe change the color of the fenders. If you have so many men in your house, maybe one of them could remove the fenders, sand off the black, and have it spray painted to a lighter red or even white. Do a multiple thin layer so it would look professional. I'm sure one of them would know someone about spray painting of metal parts.

    Then reinstall the fenders.

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    Sep 2006
    Oslo, Norway
    yup, you need glitter. Silver!
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    You could also get presta valve caps and stem caps in assorted color from http://purelycustom.com

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    Paint the rims!!!

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    A purple bike bell or similar reflective tape.

    Clearly one of my bikes is masculine, my folding bike which is a grey-brown shade. I know. But really no other colour choices in a set frame.

    But it feels good and if your bike feels good when you ride far on it, that beats any look!
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    New saddle in preferred color. And new grips to match saddle.
    Red lip/kiss stickers.

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    Sep 2011
    I would play up the red and white.

    Red wheels or spokes, red bell and red saddle bag (which I see you have).

    Change your saddle to a white one or for unexpected pop, Terry has a Butterfly in pink and red.

    Accessorize with bottle cages. If you introduce another color, then I would do what Muirenn said and make all the accessories that color though it should be a color that works well with red and white

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    May 2011
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    What would be cool (and I haven't done it yet to my bike) would be to design some vinyl designs for the fender and down the fork. Either some swirls, or floral (but not kiddie) or any other design and adhere them to it. Something that had a center and flowed out from there to the edges of the fenders. For the fork, you'd need something that flowed from the top down.

    I have an industrial cutter but I haven't gotten brave enough to try it out on a bike. I'd like butterflies on mine with flourishes but sizing and finding the right butterfly has been hard as everything is kiddie or overdone. It might just be better to keep it simple in turquoise blue racing stripes.

    I have plans to do my Sirrus frame in the color of my tires (turquoise blue) and silver/gray in either a matte or a pearlized vinyl if it exists. I just need to find the right colors and matching up vinyl online is hard. I just don't know if it would look tacky and homemade if I did.

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    Aug 2008
    red, black and white... what about a Ladybug theme?

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    That bell is adorable.

    How different we all are! I would love a red-black-white bike, since red is my favorite color. Alas, they don't exist in entry-to-mid-level WSD frames most of the time.

    Accessorizing your bike in coordinating colors, as others have said, is probably the best way to "girlify" your bike--most guys would probably just go for black everything. Personally, I'd go with red and white, unless you hate red--those are easy colors to match and lots of things exist in those colors. A red saddle bag (the one Muirenn linked to looks fun!), perhaps, and those heart cog reflective stickers are cute. White or red bottle cages?

    Remember, red ones go faster!
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