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    Question What to do with reject sheets

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    What do you do with older sheets??

    I have two sets of sheets (queen size) that we have used for a few years that, frankly, I'm tired of dealing with. One set has a dead elastic on the fitted sheet, the other is mismatched: king fitted, queen top.

    Should I donate them? Toss them? We really don't need another "drop cloth for painting.". They are clean and in decent shape, they just have issues.
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    Some animal shelters appreciate them as animal bedding. I probably wouldn't donate them to a people charity, as someone would encounter the same frustrations you have.

    Another idea is to freecycle them with an accurate description. Someone might cut them up to sew into something else....
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    I've read (and verified with my local Goodwill) that they do recycle unusable textiles for the fibers. So that's a fallback.

    If they're flannel or jersey, they might be good for cleaning/polishing rags. Percale could be cloth napkins for everyday use, if you have the patience to hem them.

    If they're not taking too much space that you need, I think it's always handy to have old bed linens around to cover furniture when you're away and tender plants when the temperature dips.
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    Last year we tore old sheets into strips to tie our runaway tomato vines to support cages.

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    your LBS always needs rags
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    I use them for drop cloths and to cut into rags when working on my bikes.

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    I was going to post the same question. I have sheets that have been used to death - fabric is so thin it tears easily.

    I'll check with my local shelter. I also have towels to re-home.

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    also check with local elder groups who may or may not be doing quilting for charities like the Linus Project. They often need largish pieces of plain fabric to use for backing and filling of baby and crib blankets. May your local quilting group or fabric store can guide you.

    Towels are a definite for vets offices and shelters.

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    Maybe check with a bird rescue? My mom uses all of our old sheets to cover her cockatoo's cage. Since Lucy will pull pieces of the sheets in and shred them when she's bored, Mom likes to have a few back-ups.

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    +1 on Freecycle. Lots of people need things for sewing/craft projects.



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