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    Thigh/Hamstring Problems Saddle Related?

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    Sigh. It's me again. Not sure how I did this but when I moved over on the couch, my entire lower back, my quads and hamstrings just contracted miserably putting me in pain. I know my left hip moved as I felt that as well. Edited... my hip rotated. I know it does this and it's really annoying. Potential cause of problems if my left hip is rotated on a saddle?

    The only culprit I can think of since I haven't done anything except that 6 mile ride the other day was that I changed the saddle to my Brooks one on my Fargo. I spent about 20 minutes messing with the fit and figured I had it right but maybe not after this.

    The Brooks is a wider saddle than the stock WTB saddle. I used it last year on my Madone. I haven't had a problem on the WTB other than I keep having to slide my butt back and I wanted to try out the Brooks.

    The next morning I had the same kind of pain I dealt with all last summer and then today it was worse until my lower back/legs all cramped up in agony.

    Is it possible to have a saddle too wide causing problems? Does the fore/aft movement make a huge difference in how your leg muscles work?

    Maybe it wasn't the Madone making cycling hurt, it might be the saddle.

    I'll see the doc tomorrow. I just want to ride pain free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany1 View Post
    I haven't had a problem on the WTB other than I keep having to slide my butt back and I wanted to try out the Brooks.
    Do you need a shorter cockpit? IOW, need to move the saddle forward? Maybe a shorter stem? That has happened to me. I creep forward because I need a short top tube. Then have to show back onto the saddle. Then end up sliding forward again.

    And that does affect the way my muscles are used.

    How is your fitter? Do you think he/she did a good job?

    I've gone through several, unfortunately, I finally found one that I believe is okay.
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