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    Advice from a 70-year-old Cyclist

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    Found this cool article online: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/0...-duty-for-all/

    When my mother asked what I wanted for my 16th birthday, I said, “A new bicycle.” From her response — “How much longer are you going to be riding a bicycle?” — I knew I wasn’t going to get one. I muddled through on my aging Schwinn (bought secondhand when I was 10) for two more years, and then for my 18th birthday I bought myself a new bike....
    Getting in touch with my inner try-athlete.

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    Frends know gud humors when dey is hear it. ~ Da Crockydiles of ZZE.

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    Great article! Thanks for posting. As a newbie, I thought it was very helpful.

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    I had not seen that either, thanks for posting! At 55 it gives me hope that I could still be riding strong in 15 years!!
    "Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far"

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    There's an article in this month's (I think) Bicycling Magazine titled "Your bike doesn't know how old you are." I'm about to turn 60 and am doing my sixth AIDS Lifecycle from SF to LA in June. There are a lot of riders on ALC older (and faster) than me.

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    Great read!
    A friend of mine just got back from a bike tour and the oldest rider was 82. Hearing that made me smile.
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