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    I commute 4-6 miles to a dressy office. I tried to wear my work clothes twice. I sweat like a beast so that just isn't possible. Plus, I don't care what that pretty lady in her lovely suit says, it's not comfortable and did I mention that I sweat like a beast?

    I carry a backpack every day with my work clothes and shoes in it. I also have stashed at work, travel size toiletries and a washcloth so I can freshen up. It's definitely a challenge some days. I like some of the alternatives mentioned here. I may have to try them myself. Good luck and don't give up! Just keep trying different methods.
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    I don't commute to a dressy office, but I do commute in cycling clothes and carry my work clothes in a pack. To reduce the amount of stuff that I carry while riding, I leave my work shoes at the office (I ride with my cycling shoes) and change when I get to work. I also leave a small blowdryer at the office so I can dry my hair after showering. I leave a couple of nice sweaters/blazers at my office for use if needed and occasionally I stash some additional clothing at the office over the weekend for use during the rest of the week. Also, I keep spare undies and socks at the office in case I forget to bring these.

    When I lived in Washington Dc and had a suit-only job, I had use of a closet at work and I kept most of my suits at work. I'd commute in part of my outfit for the day (blouse, sometimes my suit skirt/pants), then change into the rest of my suit when I got into work.

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    I have my own office plus we have lockers in our break room ..so what I do is just leave a pair of shoes , a few of my shirts and pants for work in one of my drawers in the office and also keep some body lotion,baby wipes and one of my favorites perfumes in there too .....so the only things I carry are my keys, my phones, my wallet and my lunch in a small backpack. This was one of my concerns when I was thinking of commuting to work.



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