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    random ranting thread

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    for any and all kinds of rants...

    Why do people dump puppies and kittens in dumpters?? or just toss them out the car window?? how many of them actually are not found in time?? Why do people who do these things suck so much?? They shouldn't even have dogs or cats in the first place if they're not responsible enough to get them fixed. lucky

    PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. - For the second time in about two months, a puppy left to die in frigid weather in Prince Albert, Sask., has been rescued by a passerby.

    The latest incident involves a four-week old St. Bernard-cross that was found by a woman, who came across something odd in a dumpster outside a gas station.

    Debbie Foley-Brass says she was tossing trash from her car into the bin two weeks ago when she heard a rustling sound and spotted a bag moving around.

    Foley-Brass says she broke into tears when she tore it open and discovered the pup inside.

    She had the little creature checked by a veterinarian before turning it over to a friend, who says the dog is doing fine.

    In January, a pup rescued by three members of the Western Hockey League's Prince Albert Raiders from an abandoned truck was later adopted by a family in British Columbia. (CKBI)

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    I'm glad she chose to look in the bag. I'd probably have assumed it was a raccoon rummaging for food and high-tailed it out of there. It's too bad the perpetrator will almost certainly never be identified.
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    I would think this thread should be moved to the Way off topic on-going conversations forum header.

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    While I love a good rant now and then (surprise, surprise ), I could see some need for warning signs.
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