I've been using these shoes for a few weeks now and the difference is so noticeable from my Nike Lunar Glides that I had to sing their praises. Karhu has a few different models based on your gait, weight, and how much support you need. After visiting a running store, the gentlemen that helped me decided that I'd probably be best suited for Karhu's Forward model. I told him I liked the more minimalist style of the Lunar Glides, but after running 9 miles in them and feeling like someone took a mallet to my hips and knees, I had to try something different.

The Karhu has a really interesting concept of the "fulcrum". Other shoes may have this "technology", but I only have experience with the Karhu. It actually forces you to move "forward". Instead of running with your body straight up and down, if you sort of shorten your stride, and lean forward a bit, the shoe helps eliminate heel strike.

When my form suffers and I start to run sloppy, slow, with my body like a pole, I feel off balance in these shows. As soon as I quicken my stride, it feels more natural. As a result, all the pain that I experienced in my legs are gone (no more sore knees, hips, nagging heel pain, etc.). The only downside is that the heel is built quite a bit up, which sort of rubs the back of my heel.

If you're looking to try something different, I'm throwing my vote in for Karhu. These shoes are super light too. And they have crazy color combos - bonus.