Saturday's ride was pretty wet, a lot of rain yesterday. The two routes were two of the preview routes for the Event Rides on July 28. The shorter route of 26 miles is over gently rolling terrain; the longer route of 43 miles has two category 5 climbs with some steep grades over 10%. If a cyclist can bike the 43 miles, then they can bike the metric on July 28, and perhaps the full century.

We were not expecting too many cyclists to show up because of the heavy rain, but there were about 20 of us. I was the Ride Leader for the short route, the first time I rode this route, and I could tell through the rain that it is a scenic route. We didn't have enough volunteers for the shorter route to have a sweep too, so I let the faster cyclists go ahead, and I did regroups with the cyclists in the rear, just to make sure no one made a wrong turn and got lost; a regroup is basically making sure the cyclists knew how to read the cue sheet, told them where and when to turn because they really don't read the cue sheet, and at which turn I would wait for them; waiting was about 5-10 minutes each time. It was about 48 to 50 degrees on the bike for most of the ride, so wet and cold.

We put the rest of the volunteers into the hilly longer route as some cyclists were attempting category climbs for the first time and more assistance was needed in the middle and rear. There were two vehicles for SAG, food and water and picking up cyclists who had mechanical failures, plus a volunteer on a motorcyle to assist with the turns.