I am not a natural morning person. It is like slowly peeling off a very sticky band aid to get me out of bed in the early AM. So for me to make it to masters swimming workouts that start at 6:10 am is quite the chore. But when I do, it feels sooooooooooo good. I've got one workout in before I even start my workday and I'm usually pretty endorphined up when I get to work since masters is not a slacker workout.

I try to go to bed earlier, but I often get a second wind at about 7 PM that makes that tough. Also my BF doesn't go to bed until pretty late and that makes it really easy to let the evening hours slip by as we're hanging out together and before I know it, it's 11 PM.

I try to have everything ready to go before I go to bed. Swim bag packed, coffee ready...

I remind myself how good it will feel afterward. And yet, I still don't make it nearly as often as I'd like.

Then there's the eating issue. When I swim hard in the AM I am *STARVING* the rest of the day and I tend to over eat badly. So it doesn't really help with my weight management. It helps if I have a chocolate milk right after the workout but I'm still really hungry most of the day.

I'm not really looking for any miracle answers here. Just whining a bit and fishing for some commiseration.