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    Saddle swap thread

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    Maybe we already have it, or it should go in the For Sale/Wanted section but is there a Saddle Swap area?

    I have some older Terry saddles that no longer work for me and I'm looking for some low end Specialized take-off saddles that I do like.

    Anyone want to do some saddle swapping?
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    I would DEFINETLY be interested. I have a Terry Falcon only used for one season, and a Spec Ruby 143. Also a Terry Butterfly (it's seen an awful lot of miles) that I may want to part with, though I'm not ready to take the leap just yet. I think my DH may have a men's saddle or two laying around as well.

    Looking to try out a Spec Jett 155 (these must be incredible because it seems like hardly anyone in the US has them in stock)!

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    Anyone want to revive this? I have two.
    Fizik Arione Donna, black, used only once for about 2 hours, still has the price tag on. (I'd have to travel back to the city I bought it in to return it.)
    Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour, white, used twice for about 30 minutes each time. In theory I can return it to the online retailer I bought it from, in reality they're taking forever to get back to me so I'm not holding my breath.
    If you've tried an SMP and didn't like it, I'd be very interested in swapping.
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