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Thread: TrainerRoad?

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    Has anyone tried this program? Looks like an interesting way to train with "virtual power" without spending thousands on an actual power meter. I am waiting for my "ANT-stick" to arrive and then I plan to give it a try. You do need a Garmin-type cadence and speed sensor and one of their supported trainers. I have an older Minoura rim-drive trainer that isn't listed, but it seems to be identical to a newer version that is, so I will try it out.


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    It's a super route to indoor training. Works on Mac and PC, they have power curves for many trainers. One of the guys has been building training blocks too. It's really taking off and easy to use.

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    I use TrainerRoad and highly recommend it. You can "pay as you go" for only $10/month, which is a tremendous value. Subscribing gives you access to about 600 workouts and two dozen structured 8-10 week training plans. There are two things I like best. First, by taking the 8-minute or 20-minute test, the program establishes your FTP (power). Then all of those 600 workouts are customized to your level of fitness. Second, the real time feedback on my power, cadence, heart rate etc keeps me honest. I tend to be a bit of a slacker, but when the target says 125 and it shows that I'm only at 98 ... well, that's the info I need to put in the proper effort.

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    I have a personal trainer, so she builds me a program, which is based on TrainingPeaks.com . I like it a lot. I don't use their exercice programs but they have various ones depending of what type of training you are looking for.

    I use it to get to my own plan (calendar) and I log in my report (what I did, how I felt, etc). My trainer sees everything I write, and vice-versa. It is another working tool for training and I like it a lot.

    I decided to pay $10/month so I can do my own modification but I did not have to pay anything.



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