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    Novice needing help choosing bike (Linus or Trek?)

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    Hi! I am looking for the perfect bike for my 7 mile daily commute (each way). I currently am using the Trek Calypso Beach cruiser,and am finding it to be terribly inefficient. I am not really interested in racing or anything at this point, I just want something semi-comfortable, fairly fast, and aesthetically appealing. My price range is between $500 and $800. I have been looking at the Trek Allant and the Linus Mixte (links below). I would love some on advice either on these or any other bikes you think would better suit my needs. Thank you so much. Oh! side note, I live in the flatlands of Florida, and am not very efficient with shifting (though I'm sure that is something I could conquer).

    http://www.linusbike.com/models/mixte-3/ (Also comes in 8)

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    You need to test a lot of bikes and find the one that is most comfortable.

    That said. Linus makes a nice bike Have you ridden both? Every person is different. Every bike feels different. You need to try as many as possible and decide from there.

    I live 13 feet above sea-level. You definitely still want gearing. When the wind from the ocean blows across the flat land, it feels like you are climbing.

    May I suggest looking at Jamis in additon to the ones you mentioned? The Jamis Coda flatbar bike is within your price-range, and is very popular on TE. The Coda Sport and Coda Sport Femme retail for 560.00.

    Just about any bike on this page is worth looking into.

    It's good to test several brands so you can compare fit and the feel of the bike. Jamis gives you a lot for the money.

    Might be worth looking into a Kona Dew as well.
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