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    Winter Cycling Jacket???

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    Hey All,

    I'm a bike commuter and I live in Lille, which is North of France (near Belgium). I have a road-bike, and I ride a total of 20Km to work and back.
    It's my first time commuting during the winter, and I'm considering buying a new jacket that's visible at night and that can help me stay warm and dry during the rainy (sometimes snowy) winter in Lille. I have no idea what to buy though! While searching online I came across the Endura Jackets. Has anyone tried any of these?
    Otherwise, what other jackets would you recommend?


    - Azal.

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    Never tried the Endura jackets...but I do love my Gore Tool SO jacket. Yes, it's a men's jacket, but I'm okay with that. Besides, I liked the longer length on it...something that I had a difficult time finding in a women's jacket. Anyway...the Gore is warm yet breathable with zippered vents under the armpits for when the temps rise. I got it in neon yellow, so it's very visible. It has 3 large pockets in the rear (just like a jersey) and 1 zippered chest pocket. And it has a nice cinching collar at the neck to keep the cold out. Oh and it's water-resistant, too. I got mine at online at Wiggle for about $150.
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    Lille is lovely!

    Been lost in Lille, but took it as an opportunity to stop in a nice cafe and chat up the owner!

    Endura makes great clothing, I'm guessing you're looking at the Stealth?

    too bad the "Roubaix" is just a jersey...

    Also great jackets are made by your friends across the way: Vermarc

    Above all, you need to try them on. A womens' cut may work better for you. Reflective bits will vary from brand to brand, but I find that reflective bits on the bike and your helmet, plus lights work better.

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    I have the Stealth. It's great as a wet-weather jacket, but a little too snug and a little too "unbreathable" to be a really good cold-weather jacket. For that I wear my now very worn and breathable Gore Phantom, with varying layers underneath.

    I think the Gore Phantom now has a smoother and more waterrepellent surface than my old one has, so it might be enough to keep off a little snow. These are both softshell jackets, btw, not Gore-tex. I wouldn't use anything completely waterproof unless it was pouring rain, and scarcely then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abarnes View Post
    Also great jackets are made by your friends across the way: Vermarc
    Friend across the way here. I have to concur with Abarnes, Vermarc makes great stuff. Not sure if you'd be able to get your hands on it in la douce France though.. Then again, the Belgian border is only a hop and a skip away.

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