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    Lightbulb "GoGreen"~ fun cyclists gift bag

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    Some time ago I had this thread about re-useable shopping bag.

    So I know there are a lot of you that use them. As well as many that do their part to help the environment, bicycle commute for that reason, etc.

    I found this cute re-useable shopping bag while mailing xmas packages at the post office. It's part of the USPS "Go Green" product line.

    (scroll down through link & click on tote bag)

    I just had to share it here on TE with the best thing about the bag being the artwork of the bike rider lol.

    Some of my xmas gifts I am using this re-useable shopping bag as the gift bag instead. The bag individually at the post office was $2. Which is about what you would spend for a decorative gift bag anyway (which would get a lot less use in comparison).

    So get yourselves some bags and enjoy!
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    I'm going to buy some of those tote bags for friends for Christmas. Might actually help the environment AND the PO (my hubs works there and I really don't want them to go bankrupt).
    Thanks for sharing!
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    I use reuseable bags most of the time. We get about half the weekly grocery shop delivered, and they always take the carriers away for recycling. I try to keep one reusable bag in the car, but most of the remainder of the shopping is done within walking distance and it's not so easy to forget a bag when I'm walking to the store. There's normally one in the basket of the bike too.
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