Can anyone provide guidance on what to look for in a chamois?
When I started riding my hybrid last year, I bought some Canari gel shorts and really liked them on my 15 mile rides. I found them to be the only shorts that comfortably fit my larger legs, and the chamois was comfortable. However, when I started riding farther than 15 miles, I wasn't as comfortable. Nothing terrible, but definitely started to notice slight discomfort.
I also have some Craft shorts, which are a little bit like "skinny jeans"...they fit me on a good weight day, but if my weight goes up a bit, they are a little too snug. (I'm an XL, so sizing up isn't always an option.) But the Craft shorts seemed to have a better chamois for longer rides.
I've switched to a road bike this year, and plan on doing longer rides (20-40 miles, hopefully) and want to get some new shorts for spring.
So, question, what makes a good chamois? I have seen both foam and gel listed as the materials. Is one better than the other? Shape? Size? Any tips would be appreciated. I have to do a lot of shopping on line because local shops don't seem to have much variety for my size. I'm trying to figure out what buzz words to look for when shopping on line. I'm tall (5'11) and generally wear a size 14 in regular clothes.
I am currently trying to find the perfect saddle (aren't we all) and just put a Specialized Jett on. While I THINK I like it, it is much harder than anything I am used to. Is this something to consider with chamois selection?
SOrry for the long post and thanks for any help!