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    Quote Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
    As an instructor, I can not begin to tell you how angry that makes me!

    BUT I have to tell you that I have never been so close to screaming "shut the f*** up!!!" (while wearing the mic, mind you) at someone in all my life!
    I had people like that too. I made them sprint. (evil grin)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogmama View Post
    I had people like that too. I made them sprint. (evil grin)

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    Spin Class SHORTS

    Quote Originally Posted by jyyanks View Post
    People at the gym I used to attend wore bike shorts (combo of padded or non padded), regular sneakers and T shirts or sports bras.

    I didn't see anyone in full drawn out cycling gear, most people were dressed in regular work-out clothes. At the YMCA, I would think you would be safe with regular non padded bike shorts, a T shirt and regular sneakers. Have fun!
    I went to my first spin class last week, needless to say it was hard. I noticed that a girl on the next bike was wearing some workout shorts with the name Trimbo. I spoke to her after the spin class and she told me that they harness her body heat and make her sweat around her hips waist and bottom, resulting in inch loss and weight loss over several weeks, plus she said it helped reduce cellulite.
    Iwas going to buy a pair but they’re quite expensive, Has anyone else used these shorts, and were they any good? Thanks April.



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