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    Carlotta, I feel that way too. And another thing, I like winter for the lack of roadies; yeah, my own peeps. It's so nice not getting passed for weeks at a time. When you see one out in winter, it's like seeing a rare bird of your own flock. In spring, they're like seagulls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redrhodie View Post
    In spring, they're like seagulls.

    (sorry, I couldn't resist - Nemo reference)
    Most days in life don't stand out, But life's about those days that will...

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    carlotta, I'm a little envious of your fair weather traffic congestion. We don't have enough bike/ped traffic around here to get congested even in fair weather. But I am working on changing that!

    This afternoon I rode with my daughter to her clarinet lesson, just for the heck of it, because it was nice. I left her there and came back home. At the stop light, I saw a driver across the street edge forward more and more with her left turn light blinking and I thought "She's going to try to get her left turn made before I get very far into the intersection". The light turned green and, still watching her, I went, prepared to stop on a dime if she pulled out in front of me. She really wanted to, I could tell, but she saw that she would hit me (if I didn't stop which I would have) and she waited.

    Right behind me was an SUV and she had to wait for him too. But he was impatient behind me, and couldn't pass me until we'd gotten past the line of cars going the opposite direction waiting to get through the intersection (waiting on the left turner who had had to wait on us). As soon as we were past he roared around me.

    Seems like there were a lot of impatient people on the road today!

    Since I was basically just riding to enjoy the weather, I felt very smug & superior to them.
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