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    Question for spinning instructors..

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    I livw in a town on approx. 20,000 ppl in town. We have several gyms but no spinning class. There is one in a neighboring (and much smaller town) but I cant get off work intime to get there..... (enter question) I would like to in the next year or so become a spin class instructor. Whats do I need to learn / do to make this happen? I do my own thing on my trainer at home but I thought this could be a great way to earn extra $ ! Thanks in advance for any help, tips, encouragement
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    I'm certified through Madd Dog Athletics as a spin instructor. If you want to learn, I'd get on their website & see when their next training will be that is close to you. It's a one day class, you have to take a test & you're certified.

    BUT, here's the deal. If there are no spinning outlets, where will you teach? Buying the bikes is expensive & some gyms are dropping spinning (at least around here).

    As far as earning extra money - you would get $10-$25/class. You have to download your own music, pay for your own spin certification & keep it current through continuing education. You'll need to buy CD's and/or an IPod so you can play the music. You don't earn a lot of money.
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