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Thread: Dear Cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuliajuk View Post
    She may have gotten her colouring from a Himalayan/Persian ancestor, as she has a little turned-up nose. She's playful and active enough to be part Siamese, though. We get her back today at 4:00. I hope it goes well, prenatal spays are riskier than regular spays.
    Hope everything goes well, there.

    Can you post a picture of her when you have one? Sounds adorable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muirenn View Post
    Hope everything goes well, there.

    Can you post a picture of her when you have one? Sounds adorable.
    It's working out better than we'd hoped. They're playing together, he's licked her forehead a few times, and they're starting to sleep close together.
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    Beautiful cats!
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    Your kitty littler made a the biggest mess and where did you do your business?

    I thought I might try to go for a bike ride (in honor of my friends birthday seeing as she is the one who got me in to riding again) or take a class to start using my membership at LTF again (once again in honor of her birthday), but she is going to have to take a raincheck.

    I am now taking a well needed break to write this.

    The sump pump malfunctioned in the laundry room during the heavy rain last night and I now have the biggest mess to clean up in the laundry room. There is water everywhere! Of course, I has just changed the kitty litter tub last night which got entirely soaked and spilled out onto the floor. I also bought new boxes of kitty litter on Sunday. Fortunately, I was able to save the most of the kitty litter in the boxes, but there is wet kitty litter all over the place and everyone knows what happens when kitty litter gets wet. Itís nearly impossible to clean up. If you let it dry it gets hard as a rock and sticks to the floor. When it is wet itís like cleaning up goo. And I can't find where she did her business while her kitty little was under siege.

    The carpet right outside the laundry room door is entirely soaked. I used to have rug on it which may have helped keep the carpet a little dryer but I don't remember where it went. I will have to use the shop vacuum to get the water out of the rug . . . it's that wet.

    So far I have been cleaning for two hours. Everything on the floor has seems to have kitty litter on it and needs to be rinsed off. Once I get the water sopped up with towels and then use the shop vac I think I will take everything to the laundry mat to wash which means using another two hours of my time when I could be doing something else at home.

    Itís sad, because I was invited out to dinner tonight but I doubt I will get this project done in time to go. And even if I do get it done I will probably be too tired to drive to the other side of the world anyway (from New Hope to Burnsville).

    Now, if anyone has nothing to do and wants to help a damsel in distress . . .
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    Yuck, sounds like a terrible mess. Too bad you're missing out on fun plans. Hopefully you can reschedule with your friends for another day.

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