Hej Hej

I love Sweden and have wanted to ride Vätternrundan for several years now. I have family and friends living in Sweden, but unfortunately none that ride and none that are interested in taking on the task. I very much want to sign up for Halvvättern for next year. But since it looks like I will be going it alone, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any experience with this ride. I only know my experiences with riding in my local area.

Is the course well marked and can it be easily navigated by someone unfamiliar with the area? (I am studying Swedish but definitely won't be fluent. I know many speak English but since I'll be on a bike and following road signs, well they will be in Swedish)

I am also interested in hearing general experiences of the ride from anyone who has participated in any of the distances in the previous years. What did you like? what didn't you like? What is the course like? Is it hard to enjoy the ride with so many other riders? Or is the lapsed leave time enough to clear the roads so you can still enjoy the scenery and towns around Vättern?

And lastly, if anyone is signed up or will be signing up that wants a riding partner I would love to hear from you to. I'm not a speed demon but not the slowest either.