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    Anyone been to Cape Breton Island?

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    I hear that the Cabot trails and the National Park are fabulous in Nova Scotia. I would love to hear about your travels if you have been!

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    Self supported tour in 2006. Report is here. We didn't go to Cape Breton though. I think we would have needed nine weeks for that trip!

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    No, but they have an incredible fiddle music tradition!! Don't miss out if you go.
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    Not with bikes, but we honeymooned in NS 14 years ago, including 4 nights on Cape Breton. It's GORGEOUS. I think biking there would be amazing (and HILLY in places).
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    I spent 2 1/2 weeks bike touring around Cape Breton and from Lunenberg to Halifax (self-supported) a few years back. An absolutely spectacular ride! Cape Breton is gorgeous, the climbs are challenging but the scenery helps!

    You can travel it in either direction, but I chose to ride it clockwise (the more popular way to go). The winds can be brutal; in fact, I was actually wind bound one day in Chetticamp.
    If you get a chance, check out a ceiligh in Baddeck, or any other town along the route.

    People are extremely friendly and if I had a dollar for every person who said to me "you're going to ride up those hills?? By yourself?? On a bike??".....

    Have fun. It is a beautiful part of Canada.

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    It is AMAZING. Gorgeous. Wonderful. Fantastic. Breathtaking.

    Seriously, you will find yourself taking a photo that could win a photography contest, turn around, and take another of what was behind you - it's equally beautiful.

    My parents bought a vacay house in Cape Breton, so we've been a few times. You will always see moose on the Skyline Trail - tons of trails up there, but I tell people not to miss that one.

    The people are super nice. I love Cheticamp, lots of good Acadian food (WINDY!!!) but good little museums and neat stuff to see. Horseback riding is good out there also.

    I can't say enough good things about it. I'm happy to answer questions - my parents go for a month at a time 3x a year, so even if I haven't been to a particular place, THEY have!

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