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    Mid-life cycle-touring couple we met

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    As a couple who has cycle-toured over the years, it is always a pleasure to meet by chance, another cycling-touring couple who have been together awhile and rediscovered cycling together over time.

    This morning, while cycling a longer route to farmers' market, we met a couple cycling with all their gear who cycled from Vancouver to Calgary. (Approx. 1, 100 km. by bike one-way, according dearie who has done it twice.) They had 4 children (ages 30 to 20) whom they joked, they were temporarily cycle-running away from while they were packing in their bike trip.

    She was 53 and rediscovered cycling addiction only 2 yrs. ago. She and hubby would have cycled across several mountain ranges to get to Calgary.
    He had unwittingly scared her off cycling 30 yrs. ago when they tried a tandem bike.
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