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Badger - If I have to plan it I get autocratic about things like gatherings. I tell everyone "we're getting together at 6pm on Tuesday the 24th, be there or be square". Surprisingly this seems to work, people show up, those that don't miss out on a good time.
I have a big family and when I planned an event at my place, I gave them 1-2 wks. advance notice. I tried to aim for a date that 90% people could work with. This is for 19 different people fo which only 5 are children under 14 yrs. old. Everyone else is older and therefore, more independent, mobile with personal choices/activities.

Then I got 95-100% attendance because one leaves the person to make a choice on a family event vs. something else.

As long as you give at least a wk. or more advance notice and reasonable start hr. at event which makes most sense for most sane people.