Do you try to get small initiation fees waived, or don't bother? Small meaning 50 bucks.

I have a new "Super Golds" near my house. 66,000 SF. Tons of classes at convenient times, lots and lots of machines and cycles and equipment and you name it. Two pools (one is a kiddy pool) and three classrooms (spinning, dance, and yoga - each dedicated). Indoor BB court (not that I play). You get the idea - has just about everything. Even a cardio cinema (movie theater with cycles and treadmills).

It's still a new gym and the monthly fee is 36.99 as a teaser, for two years.

The monthly rate is so dirt cheap, and I can afford the initiation fee (duh) but I initiation fees seem like such a ripoff. On the other hand the monthly fee is a joke for a brand new, nice gym.