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Thread: KATY Trail Solo

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    Aug 2011

    KATY Trail Solo

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    Has anyone in this touring forum biked the KATY Trail in MO recently? Or is anyone familiar with the area?

    I would like to ride it in 3 days with a couple of nights in B&B's. Distance and terrain are not a concern but safety is, particularly on the western end. Is there enough traffic (weekdays) that a solo female rider would be reasonably safe? Or is this just a bad idea?

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    I rode it in May again with my husband, so not solo, but I don't think you would have any problems safety wise riding alone. Doing it in 3 days imo would be hard and require you to ride it at such a pace that you wouldn't be able to enjoy the experience as much, but it's doable for sure.

    You will likely not encounter many people on the trail during the week but you'll see some. Bottom line: I wouldn't hesitate to ride the trail by myself.

    There are a couple of people here that live near the trail and ride it a lot, hopefully they will respond too.

    I've posted about my two rides on the Katy on my blog, if you're interested:
    2010 trip report: http://www.loveofbikes.com/?page_id=942
    2011 trip reports: http://www.loveofbikes.com/?page_id=1524

    Good luck and you'll love the KATY, it's a wonderful trail!

    "It is never too late to be what you might have been."


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    Music to my ears. Thanks!



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