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Thread: Pantyliners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapdragen View Post
    Just jumping in to be smug.

    Yay menopause!!!!!

    That is all.

    ///except for --- no panty, no liner, wash shorts after use.

    Hot flashes differ between women. I rarely have any at all, and I had a surgical menopause (I don't think that matters). My mother had bad hot flashes for 15 years...

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    Thanks guys!

    I ended up not having a heavy day after all, so just shorts went just fine

    I picked up some hydrogen peroxide, which I'm sure will come in handy in the future. Plus, I'm lucky that one pair of my shorts has a black chamois, so I guess that pair will kind of have a designated use now

    Thanks for the advice, and yay for TE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tri Girl View Post
    Just rub it in why don't you...

    Enjoy your hot flashes!! (oh wait, do those only happen during the transition?)
    Pbbbbbbbt. Mine were very minimal, I was lucky.

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    I'm kinda looking forward to them. I'm always freezing- so the thought of being burning hot for minutes at a time is somewhat tantalizing.

    I already have major night sweats, so I'm partway there.
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    Really and truly, not all women get horrible hot flashes in perimenopause or menopause.

    Have been lucky so far.
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    Horror stories?

    just never buy a white saddle I guess.
    you'll be the only one to see your chamois so black shorts are all that is needed.

    if you get a leak, at the next restroom stop press out the chamois with some T.P. and you're good to go.
    It's a little secret you didn't know about us women. We're all closet Visigoths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Espresso View Post
    Okay, I think I will try it with just the shorts. Anybody have any horror stories or anything?
    I have a pair of baggie shorts w/ seperate chamois liner that I wear during tom and I just put the pad on the chamois, it will be ok. Those particular shorts are bulky anyhow, so I don't notice much difference and it's discreet as well. This is pads and/or pantiliners. Jenn

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    I guess it depends what kind of riding you do. I just commute and bike around town, at a relaxed pace. Panty liners are fine for me. I think if I had a race or tour, I would just skip my period altogether (oh, the magic of BC pills). Of course that won't work if you race often, but for a special event, screw bleeding.



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