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    Beautiful NW or Left Coast

    an intersection in NY crazy bikes, peds, cars

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    it's a video i got off NYBike snob's blog
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    Yikes! Looks familiar to those of us in NY.
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    I believe this is the 3-way street video that pll posted here: http://forums.teamestrogen.com/showthread.php?t=43142


    It's pretty crazy, regardless.

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    Nothing in the video is really unusual, and some of it is simply a result of close proximity. Cars pulling up close to pedestrians to turn is common, and really not a bad thing if you are careful. Wrong-way cyclists, and cyclists blowing red lights, are fairly common in NYC. I was a bit surprised at the cyclist going between a cab and the curb. Is anyone really that foolish?

    The auto traffic looked light and the drivers weren't as bad as is usual. My favorite was the big truck backing up. They do that all the time.

    Park Ave. does encourage jaywalking because it has that nice median. So tempting.
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    Jul 2011
    WOW. Idaho is so nice. Of course, I live in the country so I don't ride on town either so maybe it is just as bad here and I don't know it.



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