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    Health insurance coordination of benefits

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    Anyone work in health insurance claims that could help me? I've got PPO coverage through my husband but am thinking of adding a POS plan through my employer with the same carrier for both plans.

    It's been eons since I worked in this field and am trying to dredge up what I knew from way back then. We can build our own coverage levels (copay, ded and co-ins) so I'm trying to figure out what to pick in hope of minimizing my monthly contribution as well as OOP costs.

    If you know about this stuff, could you PM me so I could ask a few questions? Thanks you so much. I've only got a few days to decide since my wonderful employer started open enrollment on the 10th and didn't mail the benefits manuals until the 12th. 7 days later it finally arrived . . . .
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    So many different plans/laws in each state. Since they are both with same company I would starting googling, write down your ???? and see if you are able to get some questions answered by phoning your ins. co. (careful: 10 customer service reps, 10 different answers). Does your employer work with an insurance company and have a rep (same concerns about getting correct answers). HR dept? Same concerns.

    Sorry, I guess all I had to say was good luck getting a reliable answer!!!!

    Maybe someone who really knows something will chime in.
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    Mine is certainly a POS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by malkin View Post
    Mine is certainly a POS!!!
    hee hee
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