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Thread: Rain

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    Just got back from a short ride; probably only my 3d one since March where i could wear short sleeves and shorts, with no other gear. Actually, I could have worn sleeveless, as it felt tropical. Yesterday it was 53 and raw on my errand ride and today 73 and 55% humidity. I don't do well with that kind of temperature change in such a short time, so i changed my route to include the shadiest streets I could think of!
    Last ride here for a week as we are leaving for San Diego tomorrow. Hoping the June gloom doesn't get too bad there (cool foggy, cloudy weather, esp. by the shore). We signed up for a casual bike tour. They actually drive you up an 850 ft. climb and you ride down and then go all over La Jolla and PB. We are going to see if they will let us ride up the climb . They give you hybrids for this tour, but the place also rents road bikes. We might do that another day, but I'm a bit nervous that their smallest size won't be small enough. And besides, I am supposedly going on this trip to see my son and my dad...
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    Yes, it was HOT today (or at least it felt like it in comparison to recent weeks). I guess it's going to be one of those years where we completely skip spring and head right into summer. I hate to say I even wished for a few drops of rain during my ride this evening... I guess I'll never be satisfied with the current weather.

    San Diego sounds awesome, and so does that descent! (Oh yeah, and the climb, too...)

    And congrats on graduating, Crankin! I did happen to see you walk shortly before my sister did, though I was pretty far back so I couldn't see much. I'm glad you had beautiful weather. There were some very moving speeches by the honorary degree recipients, as well.

    Indigoiis, you're right, I need to get over my reluctance to ride in bad conditions. Once I'm out there, I should be fine. It's just getting going that's tough.
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