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    Elastic DrawStrings on Cycle Shorts

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    Are Elastic DrawStrings on Cycle Shorts any good? I have three pairs of cycling shorts right now (one I hate) that don''t have draw strings. Are drawstrings cumbersom, uncomfotable, etc.? I think I found some shorts I would like online, but I wanted some opinions on the drawstring before I ordered them. Thanks,

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    I have some on my tri shorts. They're ok. Not especially bad or good.

    You could always take the drawstring out if they have elastic.
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    Personally, I hate drawstrings on anything...but especially cycling bottoms. I really don't like anything digging into my waist/tummy...which is why bibshorts really appeal to me. No binding, digging, waistbands rolling over, none of that with bibshorts. Plus they hold my sagging gut in nicely and make me look (and feel) thinner.
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    I think it depends on body type and personal preference.

    I LOVE drawstrings in athletic shorts (including cycling shorts). I have a small waist but big hips, so drawstrings allow me to wear items large enough for my hips without falling off at the waist. This is particularly important for tri shorts because I'd hate for them to collect water at the waist when I swim!

    I also love them on running tights/capris because they keep the bottom where they belong and not shifting around over the course of the workout/run.
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    Just be careful not to get the drawstring stuck in a knot when you have to go to the bathroom really badly at an event ride and there's a really long line behind you for the bathroom.

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