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Thread: Groovy undies

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    Quote Originally Posted by NbyNW View Post
    I'm also woefully out of shape from spending the last two years living in a car-centric perpetual winter wonderland. Clothes still fit (barely) but I've lost muscle tone and stamina.

    But I'm back in Seattle now, at least 90% of the time anyway. Should we organize a Seattle TE ride in the near future? Somewhere nice and easy? It's been a while.
    Yes! I have to haul my crated road bike to a LBS for reassembly. But I have my 3 speed if the ride really will be nice and easy.

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    I think we can find something easy somewhere. I'll start a thread in the Northwest forum to see if anyone else wants to join.
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    I'm going the other way on the weight scale. And have had to order smaller undies.

    But I would like to recommend the larger undies (that I'm now going to pack away for the triathlon-training-off-season)

    Icebreaker Bikini

    They are wool! (KNOT!!! Your fave!) They are cool, comfortable and not at all skimpy. They cover what needs to be covered. But they aren't granny-panites either. They also last for years and years and years. They are spectacular in high heat and humidity (Hawaii tested year round!) and I only wear these undies. I own nothing else.

    They are not cheap. But I've had the same pairs now for over 5-6 years easy. So they are worth the investment.

    I've had to size down from L to M and actually went with a little "smaller" cut.

    Icebreaker Siren Bikini


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    I envy any woman that can wear bikini undies. For somebody (ME!!!) with a significant tummy "pooch", bikinis are a definite no-go! I can't wear anything but a brief (and yes, they do resemble granny panties)...at the absolute bare minimum, I might be able to get away with a hi-cut brief...but it's still a brief. <sigh>
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