So I needed a new blue GP 4000, and my LBS's distributor had them on back order. I figured I'd go through another one soon enough, so I called around other LBS's in the region to see if anyone had one in stock.

Most places didn't. One shop (the one where I originally bought my bike, actually) actually called me back to tell me they had a blue GP 3000 in stock.

The 4000 I was replacing had a late '08 manufacture date, and it had already been dry-rotting for at least six months (yeah, that's how little I've been riding ).

I'm trying to decide how outraged to be (whether to just ignore them and never patronize them again, or whether to make sure everyone in the area knows that this shop is trying to pawn off unsafe equipment i.e. outdated tires). The best I can figure is that Conti stopped manufacturing the 3000 in 2005, as soon as they introduced the 4000. I can't find it on Conti's website ... does anyone know?