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    we used to have two boxes and my cats used one for pee and the other for poop. i have heard many cats prefer to have separate boxes for each.

    also when my cat that passed away last december was getting older she wouldn't poop in the box anymore she was so old we didn't try and change what she was doing just kept paper and stuff around box to make mess easier to clean up and kept her as comfortable and happy as possible. the veterinarian said that a lot of cat's when they get older will find the position to poop painful and then associate pain with the litter box so avoid the box. but if op you already talked to a vet that may not be case for you.

    my current cat i have had for a long time and he is so picky about only using a box that smells like he has used it that he once held it for 36 hours at the veterinarians. i have never known a cat so picky about having his box and i have no idea why he is so picky. he prefers to go outside if that is an option rather than use a box at all but if he needs a box it better be his box and only his box.
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    Is this current box a leftover from when the other cats were there? If so, maybe think about getting a totally new box and a new location for it. Also, take the car mats out of there since they have become the place to go and put something down in that current area that will make them not want to go there at all for any reason. Don't put the cat box anywhere near the cat's food, either. They don't like to **** where they eat anymore than you do.
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    Actually, Karma came around for me with my new kitty. I had a very old geriatric cat who tried to make it to his box, but often had many accidents, leaked and was just really old. So, I spent probably a couple of years cleaning up after him, washing loads of towels every week, etc., etc.

    Now, Jag adopted me. My new little black kitty will not use a box; he has access to outside and outside he goes. He used a box once this year when the snow got too much for him; that was it.

    I'm getting a well deserved break for now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norsegoddess View Post
    Same here. Or, she will pee in one box and then get out and go to the other box to poo. My theory is that she likes a really clean litter box and once one is used, it is no good until cleaned!
    That may be part of it. She was an only cat until she joined our household. Then she became housemate to two older cats, with kidney problems. She definitely doesn't like to share. Didn't get the Feliway today. Will get it tomorrow.

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    I have a cat who seems to find it more comfortable to poo while perched on the edges/corner of the litter box. Thus, the poop falls right outside of it (rather than in it). It drives me up the wall...it smells AWFUL! - but I'm not sure there's anything I can do about it. If I get a box with a lid, she poops out the door. I think it's her way of keeping her fur clean (she has remarkably long back leg,tail, and butt fur).

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