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    Anyone have an Ibex Balance Support Bra?

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    Looking for a soft all-day everyday bra, and this is a lot of money to spend on something that isn't going to work for me.

    At my age, generally non-underwire bras might look okay when I first put them on, but as the day goes on, even for a couple of hours, everything kind of settles. That's what happens with my pullover Balance Sports Bra and Sports Top (cami with built-in shelf bra).

    It's okay with sports bras (where I prefer a pullover style anyway), where I'm not too terribly concerned about how my b00bs look (and if I'm wearing a HR strap, that helps keep things in line, too), but under street clothes, I like a little bit of shape. Just a little...

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    For what it's worth, I go to a real lingerie shop for my bras. They wisely pointed me to a line of Calvin Klein bras that are soft, have a "fiberfill" cup, but not padded, and are perfect for smaller sized women. And, they are probably the cheapest bras in the store. They look great under clothing, even white t-shirts.
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    I have two bra wardrobes. The mainstay is a 3 for 9.99 cotton bra from walmart. It is snug and smooshes what little I have, but really comfortable.(like the shelf bra in a camisole, without the camisole) Too snug to allow settling. The" grown up" bras I buy at a lingerie store. They actually DO make underwire bras with a light foam cup that are really comfortable, even for 32 A.And it creates the bust profile that some clothes need to look right, which is the only reason I got them. Expensive, but great fitting, comfortable and well constructed (not at all flimsy). I figure that is balances out with my cheapy every day bras. Tokie

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    I've got the Ibex. It is very SOFT. And nicely fitted for a "sports" bra. I'm still in the process of giving it a full test, but I'm leaning towards NOT recommending it for a full-day, all-day bra.

    I'm loving it for riding, but found myself noticing it when I tested it it for regular days, and noticing is not what I want to happen.

    Two caveats -- I'm towards the large end of the spectrum (36C+), and I'm wearing it like a regular bra and NOT with the straps crossed. Both are options, and I'll try the crossed once I'm down to my "summer weight/size", but when I first got it the crossed style felt too constricting for me. Good luck!
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