After riding for almost 2 years with my stock saddle, I realized that rear pain was not a biblicar curse (i.e.. you shall have pain while giving birth
AND bike riding). Anyway, my stock saddle looked like a surfboard. So, I purchased another saddle off e-bay with some more shape and cushion (
OUCH! The day before the cursed one arrived I run across a saddle review page and realized that almost 90% of those who owned my saddle hated it. The usual comment was that in 10 mintues, your *** starts throbing with pain. Long story short, 10 minutes into my triathlon bike ride, and my butt is begging for some respite. So, I want to get the word out: Speed She is the devil (my apologies to those who like it). Of course, I am trying to get rid of it on E-bay, but apparently most people know that this saddle is no good...ZERRRO bids

This brings me to point number 2. I do not think my saddle will sell and I do not want to have him (my saddle) around. So, if any of you ladies is brave enough to give him a try, I'll probably let him go free to a good home. Anyone interested?

Finally, since after the tri I was is serious pain, I was ready to break the bank with any saddle that promised eternal bliss. This brings me to point number 3 (and an explanation for my title): I bough a selle Italia off the return goods from nashbar for 40 bucks (much, much cheaper than the retail price) and it looks promising. So, one woman's curse, another woman's salvation. So, check the return section from nashbar for all those homeless saddles