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    May 2006
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    Should Northeast be New England ?

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    New England:A region of the northeast United States consisting of the modern-day states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

    The Northeastern United States is a region of the United States as defined by the United States Census Bureau.[1] The region comprises nine states: the New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont; and the Mid-Atlantic states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.[2] The Census Bureau regions are "widely used . . . for data collection and analysis."[3][4][5] Not all definitions of the Northeastern United States, however, are the same as the Census Bureau's.[6][7]

    The Mid-Atlantic states, also called middle Atlantic states or simply the mid Atlantic, form a region of the United States generally located between New England and the South. Its exact definition differs upon source, but the region often includes Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia, and New York and West Virginia.

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    Jan 2006
    The definition I'm used to puts New York with the New England states in the Northeast, but PA and NJ in the Mid Atlantic.
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    To those of us in the Southeast, anything north of Maryland is Northeast. Just sayin' it's all relative. If you are unsure of where to post something, you can copy and paste in multiple forums. I do that with Virginia. Seems like everyone in northern Virgina (around DC) thinks that they are Mid-Atlantic, while everything south of there is Southeast (or at least not Mid-Atlantic). So I just post twice and everyone is happy.

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    Oct 2007
    I grew up in western PA and never once considered we were in the mid-Atlantic. Never heard that said either. Now I'm in Maryland, and yes, I'm in the mid-Atlantic. :-)

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    Feb 2005
    Concord, MA
    I consider the northeast to be everything north of and including Pennsylvania, including NY and NJ. So, I guess that leaves just Maryland in the mid-Atlantic?
    I don't know, DH grew up in PA and his "regional" attitude seems the same as mine, give or take a few regional quirks, mostly of the New England variety on my part. When I lived in AZ, we both were considered to be from the northeast. Of course out there, "back east" means Chicago. It's all relative.
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