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Thread: Iud

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    Were you on hormonal BC previous to mirena?
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    I've had a copper IUD for about a year now. I'm 29, and I've never been pregnant, so my GYN recommended the smallest of the copper devices that's available here in Canada. I don't think you can get it in the US.

    My experience thus far has been kind of frustrating. I can handle the heavier flows, but the cramps and back pain and generally feeling yucky around my period are wearing me down after a year. I feel stuck as far as birth control goes, though, because I get terrible mood swings when I'm on the pill (as I was for close to 10 years before the IUD). So, I'm sticking with the IUD for now because it seems like the best alternative, but I can't say I've been terribly happy with it.

    In my case, being a cyclist has actually exacerbated the side effects of the IUD. The cervix tends to be in a low and open position right before and during your period, and I get MAJOR cramps from cervical irritation caused by the IUD threads (I think) if I ride my bike during this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abejita View Post

    Were you on hormonal BC previous to mirena?
    Yes - 15+ years of BCP and then I tried two rounds of Depo Provera (with very bad results) before going back to BCP for about a year before trying the Mirena. I was also on Lupron for awhile to shrink my fibriods prior to surgery (kind of simulates menopause), so I've put my body through a lot of hormonal turmoil in the past 10 years. I was super excited about the Mirena because it was so low dose...I thought it would be unnoticeable after all the years of BCP, but it just didn't turn out.

    I was getting some serious facial discoloration due to hormones from the BCP and it all but disappeared on the Mirena, so there were some benefits to the lower dose. And, I never got pregnant of course, so that was good. ;-)
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