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Thread: New Road Bike

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    Feb 2011

    New Road Bike

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    Hi all

    I am new here and pretty new to cycling too. I brought my first bike 8 months ago and started off with a mountain bike. Decided on a mountain bike due to my weight (need to lose a LOT) and because road bikes alienated me.

    But today i brought home my first road bike after lots of trying out various bikes and so on.

    I am not the most confident of riders to begin with, let alone on a road bike. I will take it out later for a spin.

    My question is, is how long should it take me to get used to a road bike after a mountain bike? I have had top lever brakes fitted as that scared me not having brakes at the top, and i have had shims fitted to the levers on the hoods. Am i the only "big" girl on a road bike or are there others?

    I guess i am having a confidence issue not only with riding the bike, but what i look like on it too!

    Looking forward to participating in the forums!

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    Well, you probably look better sitting on a bike than you do sitting in front of a television. Don't let your perceptions of what other people might think ruin your life. You want to ride a bike, just do it. Have you been riding the mountain bike?
    There are other "big" girls on bikes for sure! road bikes, mountain bikes. Whichever bike, just get on it and ride it. It took me a month to get used to my first road bike, but I am sure it is different for each one of us.
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    I've spent the last many years riding a hybrid. I got my 1st road bike last month. It took about 7 hours of actual riding time for me to get to the point where I wasn't constantly thinking about how different the road bike felt, reminding myself that that the steering was more responsive, figuring out how to shift & brake, etc. I still have some work to do on holding my line, being able to look back without ending up in the other lane, and so on. But the road bike is feeling much more like second nature now.

    About riding a bike as a bigger woman, I see people of all different sizes on bikes when I ride. I aspire to be like the very fit riders, and privately cheer the folks who are obviously just beginning their fitness journey. In reality, we're all on a journey; we're just starting from different places.

    The very few people who might be judgmental about a large woman on a bike probably aren't the kind of people whose opinions you should care about anyway. Just remember that the majority of riders are like me ~ nonjudgmental and privately cheering you on your own journey. Go Zenn!
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    I think I'm a big girl on a road bike (5'5" and 220). I have several bikes and always prefer the roadie. I am certain I look ridiculous in my lycra shorts or knickers, but I'm comfy and exercising. So, do what makes you feel good!!! It tooks several short rides to get accustomed the road bike, so just keep at it! Here's a pic of me torturing one of my bikes at a Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride:
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    Hey Zenn,

    I love to see large women doing something seriously athletic. Why walk when you can feel the wind in your face and the joy of moving fast? I am a larger women (although I have lost about 25 pounds since I got back into riding in September) and I take great pride in the fact that my ample bottom and thick, strong legs make me a powerful cyclist. You go girl!!!

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    Welcome Zen. Like anything it takes a little time. It probably took me a good four weeks getting comfortable and this forum helped me out a lot. I also came from strictly riding Mtb's. As you learn handling techniques you will get comfortable. I practiced alot in big parking lots. Before you know it - it will feel natural.

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    Count me among the big gals on bikes! Yes, it's hard not to get all self conscious about the weight issue, but we are doing something about it!

    Just get on your bike and ride it like your stole it!

    I too have pur purchased a roadie.. Have logged all of six miles on her and if then ice gets out of here, I'll be all the happier.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    I took the new bike out for a 65km ride yesterday. It was a cycle event / race and it took me ages to finish (which is another post i will make shortly) but it gave me a good spin out on the new bike. I was REALLY nervous about it, but once i got going i was fine.



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