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    Same here with the cats- they won't get near it when I'm riding. It's the dog that concerns me. He is not afraid of it and in fact likes to lay right next to me while I ride the trainer. No injuries yet, but I do worry sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky View Post
    Why not? My only hesitation would be if there were curious kids or pets who might stick a finger or nose where it doesn't belong, neccessitating a panic stop. Otherwise, I think friction will stop your rear wheel well enough.
    Unfortunately been there, done that a few weeks ago. The week before Christmas I was on my trainer and the dog and my eleven-year old were playing. They had a stuffed animal they were tossing/playing tug of war with. Somehow it got out of control, flew across the room and over the couch, and into my rear derailleur. Almost immediately all chaos erupted. The derailleur hanger broke in two, the derailleur went flying through my spokes, and the chain somehow got all twisted around and caught between the front chainring and the frame and severely chipped the paint (the bike shop said it didn't damage the underlying carbon thank goodness).

    All in all -- new derailleur hangar, new chain, and the tire needed truing (thank goodness I stopped the tire quickly, luckily didn't break any spokes). It rides fine on the trainer but the cables were all chewed up and will need to be replaced before spring (I'm waiting until winter maintenance specials) and everything needs a fine adjustment anyway. Somehow my fairly new (got them in early November) Conti 4000S II tire had a huge chunk of rubber torn out so I can't even use it on the trainer because the thumping sound annoys me (I knew I should have taken if off anyway since the trainer tears it up but was hoping for some more outdoor riding) so I even had to get a new tire. Lesson learned though, I have an old tire on it now with the new tire just waiting for some spring like weather.

    Two years ago, when moving my trainer we didn't get the wheel tightened up enough (husband didn't understand that you can flip a lever and turned the crank instead and I didn't realize it) and the bike actually fell out of the trainer while pedaling hard catching and breaking a bunch of spokes. My bike guys now tease me that indoors is much more dangerous for my bike that outdoor traffic.

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    Geez, I've never had any of these issues. Some years I've had a different tire on there, but other years, no. Maybe I am not working hard enough?
    The only damage we've had was to my DH's shin when he fell backwards off the stability ball and his leg got attacked by the chain ring on my bike on the trainer. He still has the scar, 8 years later.
    It was kind of comical to watch that because he could have stood up after falling off the ball, but instead, he flopped over and hit the bike.
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    Another good reason to use a special "trainer" tire is because the basic tires can get too hot and the tube will burst. It has happened to me 3 times and I finally broke down and bought one. So far, so good.

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    Interesting to read all of the stories here. Living in Maine, I spend a lot of time on a trainer and have been riding one since the 80's. WE also offer a trainer class in the shop, so lots of trainer time for sure. I always just use an old tire, and at times, have had to swap to another 'old' tire. But have never seen tubes explode, although anything is possible I guess. Have a good indoor season everyone!

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    I don't use a special tire on the trainer because I still try to ride outside as much as possible with the same bike. If I had to change the tire every time I ride indoors, I would never ride indoors -- I don't have the time or ambition to make the change. But I also have not had any problems.

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