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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen View Post
    It wasn't entirely solo. The GAP is a whole lot smoother than the towpath. If they can do 30 miles a day they'll be fine.
    And hi, howyoudoin?
    YAY! Zen is back! I've wondering what happened to you. Hope all is well.

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    Jul 2011
    Hi! I'm new to the board and biking but I've lived in Cumberland (the area anyway) my whole life. The trail is amazing and the canal is great too. We have a business off the canal and our home is off what we hope to become an addition to the rail trail.

    You might be able to rent a SUV from Enterprise in Cumberland and leave it at an Enterprise in Pittsburgh. This is done occasionally for our auto customers at our business. I think we also have a Hertz rental but it's slightly more expensive. When you do come to Cumberland, I hope you enjoy our town!

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    : wanders in :

    Wow, that's some thick layer of dust going on!

    : dusts off membership :

    : looks around :

    Everything looks so... so... different. Still taking biking, though, so looks the same at the same time, too.

    So finally, I'm going to do the GAP this summer. Took me long enough, hmmm? Going with a friend, taking a leisurely pace.

    And hey, hi!

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    Nice! Looking forward to reading about it!



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