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    where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

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    Welcome to TE! We're glad you're here.

    Doesn't matter WHAT you ride, just that you do! My students gave me a gift card to Target for one Christmas (it was a $80 gift card). I bought a Magna mountain bike and a helmet and rode that thing for a summer. Then I forgot about it, and started riding it about 3 years later. I helped me fall in love with riding, and that's what's important.

    Two wheels are two wheels- doesn't matter where those wheels come from!
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    Hi and welcome happinesshill!!

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    This is a great post Happinesshill, thanks for starting it. When I first started hanging around this forum, I felt a little intimidated by the knowledge of the women on here and the high level bikes they had. But I soon realized that this is a very helpful bunch of ladies, and everytime I posted a question, even ones I thought were stupid, I received great advice and a lot of encouragement.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the responses you have gotten here.


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    We are not fascinistas at all. Its great that you are out riding and ENJOYING!!

    I rotate through my bikes when I go out riding. One is more for nolstagia sake but I still love that bike. The bike was manufactured by Bridgestone, the tire company. It has to be 20 years old or older!! Components are from that vintage. Brake handle and shifters are separate. And I love riding the bike. I don't feel the urge or the need to keep up with those on spiffy bike with all the racing stuff. I get to enjoy my ride without the distraction!!

    Enjoy your ride, enjoy reading hundreds of interesting posts here.


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    I love the title of this thread and your gutsy and forthright style. I ride a Schwinn that I bought used on craigslist and I am pretty certain it came from a department store, maybe Target. I wanted something to give me a non impact exercise workout and I always loved bike riding in my youth and as a young adult but fell out of the patten of bike riding until recently. I also was raised on Schwinn's and had several of them over the years.

    Anything with wheels that go round and round, a set of handle bars to hang onto and a seat to watch the world go by is a ticket to freedom and the great outdoors. It's your passport to a most lovely time.

    That cheapie little bike has taken me to parts unknown and I've put loads of miles on it this summer and even signed up for an organized ride and showed up just as proud as punch with this bike among hundreds of fancy roadies. I've had the most adventursome summer in many years on this bike and it makes me feel like a kid again. I love my bike.

    Txdoc I second that motion to vote this the best ever post! It made my day.

    Quote Originally Posted by TxDoc View Post
    By average cyclist standard, it was for sure one ugly bike - but it took me back and forth to the hospital and anywhere for almost a year, night or day, rain or shine, sometimes with loads of groceries or with a few huge and heavy pathology books in the backpack.

    A year later life was normalizing, sort of, I purchased a car and a used Bianchi that I knew how to ride and put the Wally-World bike in the garage and pretty much forgot about it.
    At some point, we had someone remodel our outside stairwell, and for a couple of weeks we had workers all around the house. One day, moving tools in and out of the garage I re-discovered the Wal-Mart bike. One of the carpenters looked at it and said 'oh I wish I had a bike to ride to work in the morning instead of waiting for the bus'. I put some air in the tires and gave him the bike. Next thing you know, he was riding around the block with the happiest smile.

    So yeah, it may have been one ugly cheap walmart bike - but it made life better for at least two people, and maybe more if he will also pay it forward someday. Making two people happy - that's a lot of good work done by just one bike.
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    Thanks everyone and thanks to you (bikewriter) for that lovely post. Bike riding has been so freeing for me. It isn't about the workout (but that part's great) It really has helped me with some issues I was having about my parent's divorce and hard times I was going through. Whenever I got on that bike, it felt like something spiritual was happening to me. When I got off my bike, I was ready to go again. I was never done riding. I always thought of my "next" ride, where I'd go...what I'd see. I have to say, with my son along, we have had some really interesting times and some great adventures. It's so fun to share it with him.

    I don't know what I mean...but I'm sure I don't have to explain. You all know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happinesshill View Post
    I don't know what I mean...but I'm sure I don't have to explain. You all know.
    You are absolutely right. It's magical. We get it. It's sad that so many others do not, but that's one of the main reasons I love TE.

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    Ha! My first ride was a Target mountain bike! Welcome!
    Be yourself, to the extreme!

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    The first bike I ever bought was a Schwinn from Walmart! It was $80 on sale. LOL. I bought it so I could ride to the bookstore, one of my favorite hang out spots, about 4 miles away. It worked well enough until a few of the parts went bad.

    My current bike is a K2 T-Nine Crosswind bought at a closeout sale. I'm actually going to use it for a 53 mile bike event in April. I thought about buying a "real" road bike, but I thought it would be a waste, since I haven't learned to looooove cycling, yet. I'm working on it, though!

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    I bought a Norco bike when returning to cycling at 32 yrs. ..an unexpected purchase..but it took me on several long bike touring rides each ranging from 500 kms. to 1,100 kms., was also my commuter and fitness bike.

    I gave it away to a sister after riding it regularily for 12 yrs. But kept it around for another 2 yrs. before selling it after buying and riding a 2nd bike more regularily.

    I still borrow to ride it from a sister when I visit her in Toronto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shootingstar View Post
    I bought a Norco bike when returning to cycling at 32 yrs. ..
    Norco makes great bikes!

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