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    Mandatory bicycle registration amendment proposed for the state of New Jersey

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    How to increase the barriers to getting more people riding instead of driving: Mandatory bicycle registration amendment proposed for the state of New Jersey

    We pay a small registration fee to register new bikes at time of purchase, but 2-year renewals? License plates? Registration-transfers upon resale?

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    what about tricycles?
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    Does NJ have a state bicycle advocacy organization? I hope they are all over this. Write to your state reps!
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    The city I live in has a registration requirement. It's a one-time fee of five dollars or something and they give you a sticker to put on your bike. Of course, if you show up with a helmet and sign a piece of paper saying that you'll wear the helmet, they waive the fee. It's silly, because it isn't enforced and I've only ever seen one bike with the sticker.
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    Mandatory bicycles amendment

    Actually the lawmaker that proposed this registration has dropped it. Her claim was NOT to raise money or put pressure on certain groups; it was presented to protect our elders. She had some complaints from elders that some people on bikes almost hit them, so it was a source to help protect them. While it's a great idea; I would also ask what she is going to do to protect cyclists, predestrians from motor vehicles?

    At any rate, I'm glad that it didn't go through...

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    A similar proposal has appeared in NYC.

    I wouldn't necessarily be opposed since commercial bikers are so common and so reckless. Of course, there would need to be enforcement for any of this to matter, and I'm not sure there are adequate resources for that to happen.

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    Yes, NJ you have to love the dumb laws they come up with. Did anyone check on the statistic of cyclist ran over by vehicles vs those of elders ran over by cyclists? How did they know it was the cyclist fault? I have am elderly parent but let's put things in perspective first. I do my long rides in PA, they are much friendlier there.
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