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    There actually are only a handful of shows that I watch regularly. Those are the ones that I typically record on the DVR. However I do keep the TV on a lot to drown out the noisy neighbors. For that, I put on a channel that generally does not annoy me and just leave it on for as long as needed. Mostly I use the Food Network for background noise, and as a result I've found a few shows there that I like. I'm not much of a cook but I do pick up a few good tips now and then. And I really like to see the interactions between the contestants on some of the cooking competitions on Food Network, especially with the kids.

    So, I'm working on step 1, getting a new router. After that I guess I will sign up for some free trials for some of the streaming services, to see which might work out for me. I have pretty much decided which Roku model to buy, though I'm still confused about how it works. I need to see one in action, I think. I've thought about how I might hook up Roku or a similar device with a wired connection. Right now the modem and router are on the opposite side of the room from the TV -- I think I did that so that the router would be centrally located in the apartment. I think I might already have a really long ethernet cable, though, and if not I could buy one. I could run it around the room along the baseboards and it would be pretty well hidden by my furniture.

    I looked at the PBS website last night as well as the site for one of my local stations (I get one from northern VA, which is located a mile from my house, one from Maryland and another from Howard University in DC.) It looks like I can get access to lots of programs on demand if I make a donation, which I am happy to do. I still have to figure out how I can watch F1 races, practice and qualifying. I know I can get the channels from services like SlingTV and Playstation Vue, but it's not clear if I would have the option to watch on-demand after they have aired live.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that my internet bill will go up if I drop the cable TV. Also I might end up needing to upgrade to a faster internet option, but hopefully with a better router that won't be necessary.
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