Ok. So Surly now released the Cross Check in the one color I have been looking for forever. I learned to drive on my father's 70 Dodge Pickup. It was robin's egg blue. I swore someday I'd have a bike that color. You and I sound similarly proportioned. Longish torso, a love for Brooks B67 saddles, fit well in Levi 501s... What differences did you notice between the Cross Check and the Dew?

The Dew fits me well, except for the extreme toe overlap. I don't think I'd mind a wee bit of overlap, just not this much. I can't be stretched out much further than I am on Kona bikes without back discomfort. I'd like to switch to drop bars. I looked at the Dew Drop but that would mean the same overlap, and another aluminum bike. I want steel. A road bike is too aggressive a posture for me. I'm 5'8 1/2" with a 32" cycling inseam. My Dew is a 54. I've been looking at the specs for the 52 and the 54 Cross Check. I might even get to see one in person when we go to Denver in December, if anyone has one in stock.