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    Team in Training Solvang Century

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    I just registered to take part in the Solvang Century in March, with Team in Training. I am in horrible shape, almost no exercise over past 3 or 4 years, and need something to get me moving again. A friend (who runs) recommended this program.

    I have biked in the past, but not for years and never for more distance than 100K, on rolling terrain, mid-summer. The ride I am signed up for is 109 miles, very hilly, and in early spring (meaning I will have to train through the holidays and possibly cold and wet weather this winter).

    I am concerned about (1) being able to keep up with the training, (2) being able to complete the distance and handle the hills (and being humiliated before all my donors if I do not) and (3) being able to raise $2500.

    I don't have to make the final commitment (i.e., put my credit card on the line) until January, so i am planning to try it out and see what happens with the training during the next month.

    Anyone here with experience with Team in Training in the SF Bay Area? Anyone who has done this ride who has any advice as to how to tackle getting ready for it?

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    Congrats! I trained for a couple of triathlons with TNT (LA) a few years ago. They really are geared to train people who have little or no experience with a sport, and to give them everything they need to get ready.

    The best people to talk to about your training concerns would be your TNT coaches. They will likely have different groups - faster riders, slower riders - and lots of good tips on keeping up with the program. And, as you point out, your real commitment is not until January. You should know by then if you are feeling up to the challenge. In the meantime, go to the workouts, follow the training plan that they give you, and have fun!

    Now, Solvang is a hilly, tough ride, to be sure. I rode the half this year and will ride the full in 2011. It is also packed with Team In Training groups, which will make it a super fun ride for you!

    Finally, fundraising...$2500? If you can find a)25 people to give you $100 or b) 100 people to give you $25, you are there.

    Go Team!

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    I agree 100% with tangentgirl, TNT will prepare you. I did my first century with them. Before I signed up, the most I had ever ridden may have been 20 miles. It was a time commitment with all the training, but on the day of the ride it was a piece of cake, they had totally prepared us. Our group was a mixed bag, I was afraid the team would be super athletic people, it wasn't.

    As for the fundraising, don't be afraid to ask EVERYONE, you'll be surprised how generous people are. Send regular letters (with reply envelopes) and emails to people. Our TNT office had meetings to help us with fundraising ideas. Two of us on the team also had a fundraising event at a local restaurant -- we brought in over $1000. Since you've got the holidays coming up, maybe you could suggest people donate as in lieu of a gift?

    I ended up raising $5000, my commitment was $1500. (Although my dad died of leukemia, and my aunt has lymphoma, so I it was easier for me)

    I'd be happy to share my fundraising letter with you if you'd like additional samples.

    Good luck!

    Go Team!



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