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    Gear for a beginner

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    I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first road bike - 2010 Roubaix Comp. I actually got such a good deal that I can actually buy gear. Any suggestions on what to get now on a $300 budget?

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    Helmet - $60
    Gloves - $30
    Glasses - $8 and up (lawnmower goggles work great and are cheap)
    Screaming Hi Vis vest - $50
    Powerful front and rear blinkies - $50
    Seatbag - $15
    Spare tube - $5
    Mini pump - $20
    Tire levers - $5
    Mini multi tool - $10 and up

    Edit to Add: here's a nice article written by TE http://www.teamestrogen.com/content/beginnerCyclist
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    A seat pack for your stuff.

    I also like carrying a patch kit and a CO2 inflation system (a nice complement to a pump). I have yet to use any of this gear on my own bike ... knock on wood... but I have helped out other people on several occasions. Bike shops typically offer lessons on how to change a tube.

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    Knotted Yet gave you a good resource guide.

    Everyone has their favorite things.

    A good pair of shorts is worth it. Spend the money, take care of them, and they will last forever.

    If you have a small face, you may be able to find some sporty glasses that will work for you with a light tint at walmart. That's where I got mine in the kids section. Haha.

    Gloves are great and save your hands. A must IMO.

    I spent $180.00 on shoes and probably $60.00 on pedals, but that may be too much now. If I had just gotten started and wasn't sure, I would have bought some hard-soled shoes that could work in the meantime.

    Now that it is getting cool, you may want a pair of leggings to layer with.

    Congrats on the new bike!
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    +1 to thermal cap suggestion.
    Mine's this one - 100% merino. Love it - warm and oh so soft. And fits well under my helmet.
    Unfortunately the first time I tried this, though, the helmet promptly put a hole right through the beanie.

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    You'll definitely need a helmet - so don't skimp on this - get a helmet that's well fitting and there are many cool colours to choose from.

    Also, invest in some bike shorts or 'tights' (longer than shorts, down to ankles if cold) you'll soon find out what works for you.

    Absolutely wear a high vis jacket!

    Always wear cycle gloves even if it's warm - if you come off, you'll save your palms...

    Yep, puncture repair kit - and DO learn how to mend a puncture before going out too, will help :-)

    I wrote a recent article on 7 essential kit you need for every ride, in my Beginners section.


    Have a great first ride...!!!!

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    You can get much cheaper screamin' hi-viz clothing here:


    Remember that you touch the bike in three places: your hands, your feet, and your backside. Don't skimp on those areas (nor on the helmet--get one that fits you well).

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    A floor pump. You should pump your tires before every ride. Lots of new riders don't know that.
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    Thank you all for the great advice!! Fortunately, I have some of the basics (gloves, helmet, pump, seat bag). But I definitely still need to purchase those items I never thought I would need... repair kit, hi-viz clothing, etc.



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